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My Very First Bodyrox Blog!

Welcome to my very first Bodyrox blog (has a nice ring to it already!) I’m completely new to blogging but my aim is to give you an insight in to what I do, what Bodyrox Productions is all about, our super lovely cast, and the preparation that goes in to planning shows, auditioning new cast , working with a fantastic team whilst  holding down another full time job at the best theatre on the south coast (apologies to anyone working  anywhere other then Mayflower Theatre!)

Depending on the day depends very much on which hat I end up wearing *… These hats mingle and merge together all the time, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m lucky in life to do what I love and I know many people who haven’t found their passion or are just not brave enough to take that leap of faith and jump in to the unknown and grab their dreams by the short & curly’s!

I juggle my life daily – much like each & everyone of you.  Each day is completely different which is what keeps me on my toes but also keeps me motivated.  It’s a bit like being Mr Benn** One day I’m a choreographer, the next I’m a director, the following I’m an education programmer, then I’m advertising and marketing, or a performer, but the one that I find is the biggest time stealer of them all  is the  administrator …YAWN! It has to be said this is my least favourite of all the ‘hats’ that I wear,, but plod on with it I must!

So with as much wit and joy as I can muster. I hope to at least keep you slightly interested in my endeavors at being a creative butterfly in the wonderful world of Performance and Theatre  (this commitment’s just got rather real!)

With a plethora of fanciful happenings on the cards, I’ll be talking, Disney, snowballs, costumes, trips abroad, Christmas in October and living life. So until next week – Snap-a-lash peeps, and dream big!



*This is a metaphorical hat of course – I haven’t succumbed to a baseball cap on a Monday, beanie on a Tuesday, Fedora on a Wednesday, Visor on a Thursday with a trilby on a Friday – and then snapback Saturday  – although I do like the sound of that! Sunday is of course a day of rest…not strictly true at Bodyrox however!

** for those of you born before 1993 Mr Benn was an animated children’s programme (which I loved!). He’d leave his house in a black suit & bowler hat and then visit a fancy dress costume shop and when he tried on a particular outfit he’d end up transported to another world appropriate to his costume.  How cool?!]


  • November 2, 2017


    Congratulations on your first big Blog! Not sure I could manage this, although I’ve been good at Blagging for decades. May you hone and shine your Blogging till kingdom come and nurture many hundreds more would-be artists along the way. Thank you for all you do. Public beware: This lady is a genius – your kids should join and YOU should come watch and be amazed!